Zizikarl foundation

We are called not to be religious with all the religious clichés but to present biblical truth to all who will listen.

We operates through conferences, seminars, workshops, retreats and camp meetings

We gather singles, courting couples, married couples, women and children from near and far to deliberate on issues, share and learn fundamental truth about singleness, courtship, marriage and family life.

Who We Are

Zizikarl Foundation is a registered National NGOwith a Secretariat in Akosombo. We also offer counselling and training to empower our target groups to live meaningful lives.

What We Do

We equip, empower and enlighten singles, courting and married couples, women and children to find practical, realistic and sustainable solutions to the challenges in their relationships.

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Our Programs

Marriage and Family Life

To educate husbands and wives to neither say no to divorce nor pretend all is well in the home, but to build the marriage and the family God has placed under their care.

Godly Singleness

This is a gathering for singles and courting couples to enlighten them on the need to seek and pursue godly principles in their actions and inactions while they are waiting to get married.

Women and Children

We gather women from far and near for Women’s Empowerment Day (WED) to mark the International women‘s Day every March for WED I and the Mother’s Day in May for WED II.


We believe many of the challenges in our societies would be positively impacted if our marriages and families were healthy and strong, that is why we have churned out proactive strategies for supporting singles, courting couples, married couples, and family life, for the family is the smallest denomination of society.

We educate people on how to apply biblical truth in their lives so they can be empowered to pursue their god-given purpose wholeheartedly, whether single, courting or married.

With the support and prayers of our friends and partners, we present creative and practical modules to our participants,through group discussions and time with various discussants; men and women with the spirit of God who allowed the Lord to walk them through their messages. We do not educate in abstract, but we are living testimonies of everything we teach.

Thank you!

If character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual, in other words, our thinking, feelings and behaviour, then it means the state of our marriage is as a result of our character; our thinking, our feelings and our behaviour.

The getting married is equally important as the staying married, if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

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