Marriage & Family Life

We believe many societal menaces will be curtailed, if our marriages and families were healthy and strong.

The Foundation started this project in September 2010. The thrust of this project is providing building blocks to married couples to make their marriages work so they can both raise their children in an atmosphere of love, peace and harmony. Read More


The Singles and Married Talk (SMART) brings together singles and married couples  to share and learn the building blocks of marriage. It also grants singles and opportunity to learn about marriage and family life.


The Gathering of Eminent Singles (GEMS) is one of the programmes of the Foundation that gathers young adults and singles from various walks of life through conferences, seminars, workshops and camp meetings to educate them on: Read More

Godly Singleness

This is a gathering for singles and courting couples to enlighten them on the need to seek and pursue godly principles in their actions and inactions while they are waiting to get married.

To identify what they want to do with their lives, so they will choose a spouse who will complement that future.

Women & children in Development

Women are the bedrock of society, but just as the Bible says if salt loses it taste, it is trampled upon. We gather women from far and near for Women’s Empowerment Day (WED) to mark the International women‘s Day every March for WED I and the Mother’s Day in May for WED II. We also run educational programmes for children from the basic to the second cycle schools on: Read More

Human Rights

We advocate for the respect of general human rights with emphasis on

  • Women’s rights – through our various conferences and workshops
  • Children’s Rights – Through campus programmes in Junior High and Senior High Schools