Marriage & Family Life

We believe many societal menaces will be curtailed, if our marriages and families were healthy and strong.

The Foundation started this project in September 2010. The thrust of this project is providing building blocks to married couples to make their marriages work so they can both raise their children in an atmosphere of love, peace and harmony.

Under this programme we have;

  • Marriage Clinic – Which focuses on how the husband and the wife can build their marriage.
  • Home Affairs Conference (HAC) which educates the members of the family and emphasizes;
    • God-honoring leadership from the husband,
    • Total submission from the wife and
    • Raising godly children who can take on the mantle of leadership from the parents in all spheres of life.


    To educate husbands and wives to neither say no to divorce nor pretend all is well in the home, but to build the marriage and the family God has placed under their care.