Getting Married & Staying Married


    Getting Married & Staying Married


    The book is replete with examples from the author’s own marriage as well as real life situations drawn from her experiences in helping both singles and married couples overcome their pain in her line of work.

    Getting Married and Staying married is a manual for the current generation. It discusses the challenges in marriage and suggests strategies one can apply to avoid them as well as practical solutions to help overcome them.

    This book is enjoyable to read, easy to comprehend and apply. It is also timely and suitable for counsellors and individuals.



    Single adults must enjoy their singleness and should be bold to live as singles if they so wish,
    without feeling second-rated because singleness is a gift. Such singles should serve God with their lives to fulfil the purposes of God. On the other hand, marriage is also a gift to enjoy if one gets the opportunity to marry because it is not for all and sundry.

    Married couples should also serve God with their marriages even as they fulfil the purposes of God for the marriages as well as their individual lives. These are but a few of the issues brought to light in Getting Married and Staying Married.

    The book serves as a guide to both singles and married couples. It enumerates practical applicable steps to follow as one prepares to get into a relationship leading to marriage. Getting Married and Staying Married guides the single adult through all the stages of a marriage relationship from acquaintance and friendship through dating and courtship to the marriage ceremony and the marriage itself.

    Having a Christian background, the author, Keziah Twumasi supports all the principles stated in the book concerning relationships, as a single or a married person with pieces of scripture cited from different versions of the Holy Bible.


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