The Boy Is a Father – Part Two

The Boy Is a Father – Part Two

The Concept of Fatherhood

The concept of fatherhood has been misunderstood on one side and misinterpreted on the other. A lot of men who are supposed to be custodians of fatherhood misunderstand the concept while women on the other hand misinterpret it.
Some fathers have assumed an autocratic stance in their homes, in that what they say is final.

They refuse to heed or even listen to good counsel of their wives. These mothers have been relegated to the “kitchen” to stick to domestic chores, setting a negative premise for their boys. These fathers also become symbols of fear to the children and wives to the extent that their presence at the home creates so much tension that children cannot be themselves or even play with their own fathers. Children in such homes run helter-skelter when these fathers return home from work or from trips.

Fatherhood, a privilege and an opportunity to lead has sunk to the clinkers. It is a pity to see or hear that fathers abuse their wives and children psychologically, physically and sexually. Fatherhood is really misunderstood by many men of our current generation.

On the same coin at a flip, some women have misinterpreted the concept of fatherhood. The onslaught of gender equity coupled with experiences of mothers as well as reports of negative fatherhood has incited women to misinterpret fatherhood. Fatherhood is now ridiculed because some men have shirked their responsibilities. These men are only good in impregnating women and jilting them or driving them out of their matrimonial homes. Some of these men lure school girls and other young ignorant ladies who see them as fathers and impregnate them. They then force them or trick them to have an abortion prior to dumping them. In the process some wives, fiancées and girlfriends miserable.

In the light of this phenomenon, a lot of women have lost trust in fatherhood and have decided either intentionally or by circumstances to take up fatherhood themselves. Others have decided to fight fatherhood or disregard it, hence, the breakdown of the family system in of our society.

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