Who we are

Zizikarl Foundation is a registered National
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO-DSD/6968)
with a Secretariat in Akosombo.

The activities of the organisation include educating singles, courting couples, married couples, women and children. We also offer professional counselling and training to empower our target groups to live meaningful lives.

Our three focus areas are:

  • Women and Children in development (Holistic Empowerment)
  • Marriage and Family Life
  • Educational and vocational Training

Zizikarl Foundation


Our Story

The story of Zizikarl Foundation is a remarkable one of faith, hope and love. It is a story of a woman who understood the revelation that you can invest lessons from your pain into someone else’s life in order to ease their pain. Keziah Twumasi,  the woman in question, took a firm decision to do just that. Her intense dedication to the use of the truths from the Word of God to solve the issues in the first ten years of her troubled marriage laid the foundation for the birth of the Zizikarl Foundation.

The Zizikarl Foundation was founded by Mrs. Keziah Twumasi supported by her husband Reverend Anthony Karlton Twumasi in 2010. The Foundation started with the gathering of married couples every month at Akosombo Corricreche School Pavilion, and later on at the VRA Complex School Canteen for Marriage Clinics, where the couples were led to discuss pertinent issues about marriage. The topics discussed included transparency, financial management, building trust and togetherness, handling children and step children, fidelity and infidelity, romance and sex, just to mention a few.

The Clinics were initially very successful to the extent that older couples and even some Muslim couples were attending.

 The Clinics continued for over a year then challenges with regards to a meeting place and the fact that the visionary had to go back to school resulted in placing a hold on organizing the meetings. Many couples who were attending the then Marriage Clinics, especially Reverend and Mrs. Gidigah (the Resident Minister of the Full Gospel Church) at Akosombo kept calling for the revival of the clinics due to the testimonies that emanated.

After about two years of ‘hibernation’, after Mrs. Keziah Twumasi had also graduated from the university, the vision of the Zizikarl Foundation was born. It was formally registered and inaugurated on 14th September 2014.

Our Founder

Mrs Keziah Twumasi

She is a trained Relationship Coach, a licensed Psychosocial and Marriage Counsellor who is passionate about the development of Women and Children. She holds Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Ghana.

Our Chairman

An astute Professional Teacher and author, Rev. Anthony Karlton Twumasi has taught for over twenty – nine years in all the levels of Basic Education in both Public and Private schools. He is also an ordained minister of the Royalhouse Chapel International.

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